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## Workflow
The script needs three things:
*1) Citation styles*
**1) Citation styles**
You will need to download [citation-styles](, and specify the one you want to use in the command line switches.
*2) A Reference Library*
**2) A Reference Library**
For the converter to know what works you are citing, you will need a .bib library file with the citations. I recommend using Zotero and [BetterBiBTeX]( to keep track of your books and articles and what not. The extension should autoupdating your citations with unique keys that way.
*3) A Template file*
**3) A Template file**
Finally, you will need a template file, so markdownacademic will know what your document should look like - what the margins and fonts are, etc. You can often download a template .docx file from the website of the journal you're writing for. A sample `template.docx` is included.
## Why should I do this?