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@ -92,6 +92,26 @@ publications:
title: "Taming the Tavern: Social Space and Government Regulation in 19th Century Belgrade"
publication: "Godišnjak za društvenu istoriju - Annual for Social History"
details: Year XVI Vol. 3 pp. 57-68
- year: "2020-23"
title: "East-Central Europe: Long 19th Century, 1780 to 1914"
details: Lecture-based, survey
- year: "2020-2022"
title: Modern Urban History
details: Lecture-based, upper-level
- year: 2021
title: Visual Historical Methods
details: Survey, methodology
- year: "2020-22"
title: The City in Eastern Europe
details: Seminar, upper-level
- year: 2020
title: Modern Europe from 1939-Present
details: Lecture-based, survey
- year: 2020
title: "Global Habsburgs: New Histories of Empire"
details: Graduate Seminar
- year: 2015

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\emph {$courses.details$}\\
\section*{Awards, Grants and Fellowships}